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Jackpotjoy and Peggle the Puzzle Game

Those looking for a little bit of casual fun often enjoy playing a round of Peggle. The game was developed by Sukhbir Sidhu and Brian Rothstein back in 2007 and it was well received by many critics. Although it did not perform exceptionally well on Windows when it was first released, the release of subsequent versions caused sales of the original to take off. By early 2009 the game had been downloaded 50 million times.

The game is divided into fifty five levels where each level consists of about one hundred blue pegs arranged in a particular design. The goal is to eliminate the twenty five pegs that turn orange when the game begins. The player begins each round with ten balls but can earn more by landing on the 'ball catcher'. The player is challenged to not only clear the board but also to try and get a high score. Points are obtained both for style and for striking the important pegs.

Various modes are designed to help challenge the players, such as challenge mode. In challenge mode the player is required to clear the board with stricter sets of rules. Duel mode is another option, which allows players to compete against other players or the computer. Certain versions also allow for up to four players to compete against each other at once.

Peggle Slots

Jackpotjoy Slots has developed an exciting game that allows Peggle lovers to bring their enjoyment of the game to their love of slots and online gaming. Peggle Slots begin the same as other slot games. Players bid and play regular multi-line slots, but when they win they begin to unlock special bonuses. For example, the Peggle Apprentice round begins when the game is opened. If a player wins five successive games, they unlock the Winning Streak Master. A single win that includes all fifty pay lines is known as a Multi-Line Master. A Free Spins Veteran is rewarded when the bonus round is triggered twenty games in a row. There are even certificates for those who are less lucky, including those who have lost 10, 12, and 15 consecutive games in a row.

Those playing also progress through series of Peggle Masters which carry various bonus options, including certain amounts of free spins and other bonuses that occur with various combinations of lucky numbers.

There is another round of bonuses available for those who have unlocked all 10 peggle masters. When this occurs, players have the option of switching to the Peggle Nights version of the game. When they play in this special round, the Grand Master Marina can occur on any spin. When she does, special winnings events occur. Each bet the player places is also automatically doubled in this round.

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