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CalculatemPro is a software that helps the poker / texas hold’em player to calculate poker odds in real-time, thereby helping to increase the likelihood of wining!

Texas Calculatem is the most widespread real-time online odds-calculator. The software supports +100 rooms. It is updated daily and has several special features!

What does CalculatemPro do?

  • Using Calculatem Pro is simple. Just drag and drop the application onto your web browser with your poker loaded room and you’re playing with the Pro!
  • Calculatem Pro will automatically read your cards as well as the other cards in play allowing you to focus on playing the game.
  • Sleek interface makes it simple to understand and see your odds as well as understand the best play to make.
  • Maximize your winning potential by having access to every imaginable odd including your hand odds, odds on river, odds on next card, pot odds and even showdown percentages.
  • Pesonalize Calculatem Pro to recommend from either a tight or loose playing style both Pre-Flop and Post-Flop. This is a great, and easy, way to change up your playing style and prevent opponents from seeing any tells.
  • Spot opponent tells more quickly since you’ll instantly have the odds and advice allowing you to focus on the game at hand.
  • Use Calculatem Pro in Manual Mode to recreate exact scenarios and get the odds in that scenario so you'll know how to play in the future.
  • Adjust Calculatem Pro's calculation speed based on how powerful your PC is and how accurate you want the advice to be.
  • See your cards after you fold so you can "virtually" see how your hand would have done.
  • Display Calculatem Pro in full-mode or mini-mode to accommodate your screen resolution.
  • Choose to display a four color deck so you can more easily see the card suits and identify a flush.
  • Show the odds in percentage, chances or ratio to match your specific style of reading odds.
  • Rank pocket hands by historical strength on the Flop, at the River, average of Flop and River.
  • Set custom minimum requirements for playing a starting hand.
  • Plus Many More Features!
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