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Play Sic Bo at 32Red Casino

Play Sic Bo at the 32Red Casino Online - Proud sponsors of Aston Villa - and Britain's favourite Online Casino and Poker Room, awarded "Best Online Casino" for 2003, 2004 and 2005!

How to win at Sic Bo (from 32Red Casino)

One of 32Red's most popular dice games, Sic Bo is available at a download casino version and a no-downlaod casino version.

Objective of the Game

Sic Bo (meaning high/low) is an ancient Chinese dice game and features in many casinos around the world. You have a number of opportunities to bet on the outcome of three dice thrown onto the table. The Sic Bo table features the various outcomes you can predict, from the total value of the three dice thrown, to three matching values on each die. The odds are wide ranging and the choice is yours.

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How to Play

This game is really very straightforward.

Before the dice are thrown you need to place your bet on any of the squares on the table.

You can increase your chances of winning by placing a number of bets.

Once the dice have been thrown and your bet wins, you will be paid out according to the odds set out below.


Bet placed Odds if successful
Specific Triple 180-1
Any Triple 31-1
Specific Double** 11-1
Small (4 to 10)* Evens (1-1)
Big (11 to 17)* Evens (1-1)
4 or 17 62-1
5 or 16 31-1
6 or 15 18-1
7 or 14 12-1
8 or 13 8-1
9 or 12 7-1
10 or 11 6-1
2 of 3 dice 6-1
1dice Evens (1-1)
2 dice 2-1
3 dice 12-1

* These bets always lose on a triple.
** Doubles are paid at 11-1, irrespective of whether the resulting dice contain a triple.


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